6th Annual
         North Peace Critter & Craft Sale

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Vendor Information


Vendor Rules, Responsibility, and Information Form:
Vendors are responsible to bring or supply the following items for themselves. You are renting a booth space.
Cages: There MUST be enough room for the animal to stand, turn, and lay down, without being over crowded. The only exception to this is pea fowl and long tailed pheasants that must be boxed for the tails to remain unbroken.
Boxes/Bags: These will be used for people to carry home the products purchased from you. Animals will require boxes and the animals cannot be over crowded. Remember the animals will NEED air holes! Bring a box cutter!  And tape for the boxes.
Money: You will be responsible for supplying your own change for purchases made at your booth.  
Feed: You will be responsible for bringing your own feed for your animals. None will be provided.  Every animal must have feed and water! 
Tables: You will need to bring any tables, shelving, or stands you plan to use. None are provided.
Chairs: If you plan to take a seat, bring that seat.
Plastic or Tarp: This will be placed under your animal pens and cages. We cannot allow the animal pens to be set up without them. Crafters do not need them.  You will need to bring tent pegs or stakes and a hammer to secure your tarps and plastic down.
Dishes for Feed and Water: Remember, you supply the feed, but the water is on us.
Bucket: Water will be on us, but you still must haul it to your booth. Water taps are available near the bay door.
Extension Cord: If you need electricity, remember to bring your extension cords. Bring more then you think you may need as we occasionally must spread people out a little further then planned.
Table Covering: If you plan on a table and you want to have it covered, remember to bring one with you.
Signs: If you want signs at your booth, remember those, it will help to draw in your customers.  Most of the booths do not have a wall to hang signs. Remember a sturdy stand for your signs.
Bedding: If you plan to use straw, shredded paper, shavings, or anything else, remember those for your animals. Also remember that the box or display for the animals must keep that stuff from being spread all over the place.
Heat Lamps: If you are bringing any young stock, please remember to bring your heat lamps to keep them warm. Also, remember to tell us you need electricity!
Lights: If you need any extra light, please bring.
Sanitizer:  All tables must have hand sanitizer available for public use.  This is part of the Alberta Health code regulations.    
The event does carry insurance.  However, it is a good idea to get your own insurance for the event.  It is called Special Event Liability Insurance.  There are several companies that provide this.  It is not a requirement, but a good idea to additionally protect yourselves.  
Concession is on site in the Drysdale as well as Entrec Centre and Casino Nearby. Breakfast and Lunch is available to public at concession cost. ATMs are also on Location.
Any complaints will be addressed immediately. If it is found that you did not follow the rules in the housing, feeding, or watering of your animals, you will be asked to correct the issue immediately or remove them from the event. Any sick animal will be asked to be moved immediately. We cannot control every aspect of the sale, so it is buyer beware.
If you are a "no show" for the sale, you will be the very last on the list the following year and chances are, will not be invited to attend again. We understand there are circumstances beyond your control at times. Please be sure to have our contact information with you in case of those emergency situations.
Set up will be on April 26th, 2019 at 6:00pm to 9:00 pm. On the 26th the grounds close at 10 pm and we must all be out before then.  If you are not there to set up by 7:30, chances are you will not have time to set up your booth.  We will have access to enter the building again at 8 am on April 27th.  All set up MUST be completed by 9 am on the 27th according to Alberta Health codes so that they can inspect if they choose to.
Take down is to be as soon as possible following the closing of the event at 3:00 pm and completed by 8:00 pm on April 27, 2018.  Do NOT take down your booth prior to the end of the sale.  Even if you are sold out, look at it as a chance to advertise.  Be sure to bring pamphlets, business cards, signs, etc. to help you advertise.    
Unloading/Loading of large items is available at the North Entrance to Drysdale, large bay doors. The Side doors around Drysdale are available for hand carrying. Please park larger vehicles/trailers farthest away in parking lot after unloading. Outside Main Entrance against
Building is a Fire Lane, you will be towed if you park there. Handicapped have designated Parking Areas. 
Please be kind and refrain from entering the Lewis Hawkes Arena, signs will be posted for No Entry.
Vendor agreements and fees are due at time of booking.
Vendor agreements send to crittercraftsale@outlook.com or by mail to:
Peace Region Critter Society Box 71 Tangent, AB, T0H3J0
Vendor agreements may also be filled out online at www. northpeace.org or downloaded at facebook.com/groups/critterandcraftsale. Please still send through email.
Booth Fees sent to: crittercraftsale@outlook.com by e transfer using the password: critter
Please remember your booth is only booked AFTER we receive your fees and paperwork. You can be put on a cancellation list if the sale is full before sale date.
If you are a no show or cancel prior to or on the sale date your Booth Fees will not be refunded. Please let us know if you must cancel. Thank You.